We at Aster Healthcare aim at facilitating our residents, relatives and advocate where appropriate to have a say in the running of the home.

In each home we will promote the concept of a resident’s committee whereby participants will be empowered to make important decisions about the quality of service expected for their own welfare. Their agenda should constitute topics on meals, activities, seasonal events, wellbeing, religious, financial and other contentious issues that they think is having an impact on the service delivery.

The independent Chair of the committee will report back to the Operations Manager on a quarterly basis with their proposals. We will then endeavour our very best to implement the proposed plan put forward. However, where we are of the opinion that we are unable to meet their demand for various reasons, we will have an open and transparent discussion with the committee to explain our rationale and to explore further.

Our main objective will always be to put the best interest of our residents at the fore front of any decision taken.

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