Nursing CareWe provide care that is based on an assessment of needs using a recognised nursing model which covers personal care, healthcare and social needs. Our care is person centred and is underpinned by human rights, equality and diversity.

Your care and treatment needs are recorded on a digital care plan. You will have a named nurse to plan, implement, evaluate and supervise your treatment. Your care plan will be evaluated regularly to monitor your progress, assess the effective of any treatment and identify any changes in your condition. Therefore the care team can respond quickly and effectively to your needs.

Our homes are staffed by experienced registered nurses who are regularly supervised and supported to ensure high standards of nursing practice. Our care team and ancillary staff are trained to deliver high standards of care and treatment.

We use daily flash meetings for our care team to promote effective communication and support our residents throughout the day.

If you require nursing care, we believe we can meet your needs though comprehensive assessments, a skilled care team and effective communication delivering your person-centred care plan.