Specialising in Care

Aster Healthcare was formed by the two directors, Mr Sam Jeebun and Mrs Zainah Jeebun who are both passionate about the care of the elderly.

We are both registered nurses and have been in the care of the elderly since 1983. We feel that older people deserve a better quality of care than they often receive, in recognition of all they have given to society during their lives. Hence Aster Healthcare was created because we wanted to provide an exceptional service and to make a difference.

We believe in treating our staff like an extended family; giving them the utmost support and guidance. We have created our own unique, unparalleled, first rate quality of care through the rigorous training and development of our staff.

Through our recruitment policy, we look for like-minded people who value the importance of high standards of care and who are fully committed to striving to attain the goals that we set. We have established a unique ethos that promotes truly exceptional care.